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Rapidly Erected Framed and Tent Structure Manufacturer

About us

Altai-Tent is the manufacturing company with wealth of experience in design, producing and installation of quickly erectable framed and tent hangars, warehouses, pavilions, tents and any PVC tent products.

We offer the integrated approach to cover any place for any purpose.

Quickly!  Available!  Reliably!

Because of uncompromising approach and orientation on quality, we could earn unblemished reputation of reliable producer.
We value our reputation.

Substantiation of prices:

- Unparalleled quality!
- The highest level of service!
- Reliability and longevity!

We use only original high-quality textiles of leading Belgium and South Korea PVC producers.

Frame and tent structure is the most available and reasonable method to build a bulk structure.

Our company is a reliable producer of rapidly erected structure in the market for quickly erectable constructers since 2002 is a main activity of the company is designing and building of rapidly erected framed and tent structures, warehouses and hangars. Rather than using traditional raw material intensive building, we offer modern, reliable and quickly erectable tent hangars with PVC covering. Construction of built-up tent hangars and warehouses with PVC covering is quite new direction in Russia. In the United States, Canada, Japan and many European countries quickly framed hangars with PVC covering have been already used for a long time. Now such kind of structures are used as warehouses for storing of goods, various sports facilities (indoor hockey boxes, tennis courts, a shelter for football, basketball, streetball), hangars for production, parking houses, parking, hangars for machinery, livestock hangars - cowsheds, piggeries, and a lot more.

    Using of extra-heavy multilayer PVC covering, which is stable to UV and precipitation, allows us to design and manufacture reliable tent hangars and warehouses, which are used as full buildings for long-term use! Using the innovative technologies to manufacture hangars, PVC covering lifetime is constantly growing, and at the present moment there are facilities which are on steam for over 20 years without changing the covering!

    Rapidly erected built-up tent hangars and its advantages: low price, rapid construction, rapid time for value!

    View all advantages of tent hangars

    Our company realizes the building of framed and tent structures, hangars and warehouses as soon as possible, we don’t build traditionally, we install ready-made construction.

    Having a strong manufacturing capabilities, experienced designers and professional staff, we can realize order of any complexity.

    We invite all interested organizations to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

    Buying our products, you uphold the Russian producer!

    You don’t pay intermediaries, so we produce ourselves what offer you!

    Altai-Tent - high-quality built-up and tent hangars and warehouses.

    Built-up hangars manufacturing, selling and delivery. Tent hangars and warehouses installation in any region!



    Rapidly Erected Framed and Tent Structure Manufacturer

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