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How to save the harvest? Agricultural hangars


The article in the regional peasant newspaper Altai Niva


Having got the rich crops in last autumn, Altai farmers were faced with an unprecedented slumping grain prices. We waited for an intervention and a price increase, as Russian say, the cart is still upon the selfsame spot. The problem of storage added to the problem of grain depreciation. Elevators took the 2009 harvest unwillingly, and the peasants have their own granaries in small numbers. And having granaries often don’t allow to keep the grain quality. Altai fields still give the good crop and the same question still begs: how to save it? It is hard to escape an answer: it is necessary to build own granaries. But on this stage, thinking of the building and coming costs, flight of thought as a rule ended up. And then a new question begs: is it possible to build to a good quality, quickly and cheaply? Turns out, it is possible.

Tent hangar is carrying a dismountable metal frame and durable PVC coating for the roof (side walls and abutting ends are preferably the sandwich-panels). Archy metal constructions are ideal for the rapidly erected light-weight and tent structures. Frame stability is provided by arches stiffness, the system of liners and horizontal braces on the bowstring and the stretched between the top chord of PVC tent coating (extra strong transparent material, laid over polyvinyl chloride and dirt-repellant VAF lacquer with increased wear resistance on both sides, the manufacturer is SIOEN, Belgium).

The archy tent hangars for agricultural products storage and for cattle and pigs keeping have been used for a long time in Europe and America. But the best example of tent hangars using is considered farms in Canada, where the climatic conditions are similar to the Siberian. Canadians appreciated the following advantages of the tent hangars:

Lack of ground work, low cost in relation to traditional hangars, deep-dyed waterproofing capacity and atmospherically condensation immunity, snow clearance, good imperviousness, which allows reducing heat losses. PVC coating has protection to corrosion and doesn’t react with the stored chemicals, while traditional metal hangars can’t stand the chemical storage. Using modern materials, permitting day light through, allows saving energy, as in the daytime the tent hangars don’t need of supplementary lighting.

The archy tent hangars singularity consists in:

Granaries, cowsheds, piggeries, vegetable store, warehouses for constant or temporary storage of bulk and any other goods, warehouses for wood storage, warehouses for equipment and machinery storage, house parking, parking, garages, sport facilities (hockey boxes, tennis courts).

The tent hangars are new technology, reliability, mobility and aesthetics appearance!

Of course, it would be necessary some amount of money for buying such kind of construction.

However, each owner should think about the prospects of the future. After all, the safety of the crop is really urgent and important problem. So, the tent hangars construction on the bases of the peasant and collective farms is such step, which will help agricultural producers to look ahead. You get to choose.

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