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Pig Breeding as a Business. Pig-breeding Farm Business Plan

Pig Breeding as a Business

Pig Breeding as a Business in Russia.
Cold Pig Breeding.
How to Organize Properly Profitable Business?


The introduction of economic sanctions has led to serious shock waves, which have opened good prospects for Russian enterprisers. The failure of European deliveries has caused to lack of some kinds of goods, so it’s an appropriate time for local business people to occupy vacant niches. One of the most profitable businesses in Russia today is a pig breeding, and the most profitable form breeding is the "cold" pig breeding.

pig breedingHigh demand for the products!
As a proof ten of thousands of pig farms were profitable even in the time of economic shocks. According to statistics demand for pig breeding products are persistently high in any, even the most difficult economic times. And now, when foreign supplies for political reasons have decreased by several times, demand for pork is extremely high in our country, so it’s a real opportunity to set up pig breeding business!

Pig-breeding Farm Business Plan

Moreover, the government strongly supports private enterprises involved in agriculture and livestock, providing them with preferential subsidies, simplifying bureaucratic procedures, liberalizing legislation and reducing the tax burden.

From the foregoing it is easy to conclude that, having well composed pig farm business plan, the enterpriser can make a great success of pig breeding.

New Technologies - New Level of Income!

So, we made sure that, in order for pig breeding to be successful, need carefully thought-out business plan. Unfortunately, at the time of composing such projects, the enterprises often lose sight of important things, for example, technicality of this issue, concentrating only on incomes. Meanwhile, if rationally approach to choice of pig breeding technology, incomes can be higher by several times.

The productivity of pigs depends on the conditions of their keeping, breeding and feeding. Diet, of course, also plays an important role, but providing special conditions for the feeding and outdoor run, keeping and growing pigs will be much more profitable!

Modern Canadian technology (using tent piggery hangar) of pig breeding allows:

  • reduce feed expenditure at the time of weight gain increasing;
  • increase the quantity of the final product without herd expansion;
  • use to the full the available spaces;
  • reduce the labor effort and production costs;
  • increase pig farm incomes by several times. 

Pig Breeding on Canadian Technology

Russian pig breeding pays attention for so long to Canadian technology and breeding method. It isn’t surprising, because such methods of growing pigs give excellent results, as much as Canadian climate is similar to Russian. The principal difference between Canadian and Russian breeding technology is in the pigs keeping conditionals, so without any heating in tent piggery hangars on unchangeable litter.

Pig breeding on Canadian Technology Advantages:

  • costs for building of pig farm and the organization of its services;
  • minimization of efforts to clean piggeries, you should remove the manure 3-4 times a year;
  • reduction of staff (one employee - 600 animal units);
  • cleanliness, fresh air, daylight;
  • animals strong immune, ensuring the health of pigs and weight gain;
  • high productiveness – gain weight daily average is 750g/a day;
  • minimize costs for animals keeping and farm supporting;
  • short payback period even at the time of price collapse.

How to Build Quickly the Piggery?
Tent Piggery

The Canadian pig complexes look unusual. Modern tent hangars with panoramic lighting look like scientific laboratory from fantastic films about future. These rapidly erected PVC tent piggeries are spacious, durable, comfortable and bright, so such kind of piggeries allow to organize a large-scale or small pig farm for a few days.

The leader of rapidly erected tent piggeries production, building of pig complexes in Russia is Altai-Tent Product Company, supplying farmers with modern tent hangars for breeding and rearing of pigs, sheep, cattle, birds. Our company also produces hangars, intended for feed, grain, vegetables, root vegetables, potatoes and agricultural machinery storage. Call us right now and we will offer consultations you on any issues!

Pig Breeding


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