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Steers and Calves Keeping by Cold Method

Steers and Calves Keeping by Cold Method

Steers and Calves Keeping by Cold Method — A Profitable Agricultural Business

Calves weaning business idea opens excellent prospects for those, who already have their own livestock enterprise, and for those, who want to start to set up in business and look for the most promising direction in agriculture. Guaranteed profitability of such activity was due to the fact that persistently high demand for tender dietary meat, hides and byproduct, received from the grown-up calves. Particularly, calves’ keeping by cold method, using framed tent hangars, brings high income.

Advantages of Cattle Keeping by Cold Method

Cold method is the cattle keeping in unheated space compared to other methods. So the typical cowshed or the rapidly erected and framed tent hangar is build to this end. The second version is more economy for various reasons.

Steers and Calves KeepingIt will be necessary only a few days for building of framed tent hangars or moving it to another location (dismantling with subsequent installation). A shortened timeline of building means substantial savings on builder’s payment for labour and reducing the time to start a business.

Materials, using in the structure of hangars, provide maximum light day of the room during daylight hours. It is possibility to save electricity!

Due to structure framed tent livestock hangars require minimum hand labour for hygiene, because it is necessary to change litter only 2 times a year, while animals are always in the conditions of scrupulous neatness.

Calves' keeping for fattening in the rapidly erected and framed tent hangars differs from calves keeping in traditional cowsheds, because one person takes care of 200-300 animal units.

Cold keeping, so growing of calves in conditionals of natural microclimate, guarantees a strong immune system of livestock. Simply said, the cattle are disease-resistant, and give healthy get. In other words, you can grow calves for not only meat. In other words, you can save on salary.

Advantages of Cattle Keeping by Cold Method also include:

  • Low cost of hangars;
  • Possibility of moving it to other place;
  • Simplicity of building maintenance;
  • Minimization of hand labour;
  • Short payback period of costs.

Practical Features of the Method

The basic purposes being persuaded by farmers, opening up new technology of cattle keeping and breeding, are increasing of livestock productivity and reducing production costs. Advantages of cattle keeping by the cold method without a tie in unheated framed tent cowsheds have practical substantiations.

ventilation of placements

One of the main reasons for failure in cattle breeding and calves growing is a poor ventilation of placements, where animals are kept. The case is that can be created normal conditions for growth and productivity, maintaining optimized breathability:

in summer — fortyfold;
in winter — fourfold.

It means that, even in winter effective ventilation is necessary for fully updating of air volume 4 times per an hour. It is also necessary to provide constant air supply of 15 m3 / h per 100 kg of keeping animals in the cowshed. If dairy-farm and cowshed were built according to cold keeping technology, so you needn't provide the additional ventilation, and natural ventilation in the required quantities is covered by the construction of hangars. But before you build the cowshed, take into account the wind rose: a new building is located in accordance with the prevailing wind direction in a particular region. By means of it, cowshed air always will be fresh even while load shedding.

An important condition for the successful keeping of cows and calves is also sensible layout of the inside placements, it is necessary not less than 7 m2 for one cow. Cowshed project of cold keeping fully conform to this standard.


Due to the high animals’ bodies heat loss, in winter the lack of heating is possible, but you should pay attention to the state of the litter, materials of which are used as sawdust, straw and peat, absorbing to excess moisture. If litter thickness is not less than 60 cm, it starts to sweat over, and it is an effective heat source.

The successful experience of calves weaning by cold method

The cowsheds are being built actively in Russia, but standard projects are being used for it, requiring substantial cash expenses. The company Altai-Tent LLC was one of the first to opened up the framed and tent technology, and applies it actively in practice. Dozens of this type cowsheds were built in Krasnoyarsk, Altai, Omsk and Kemerovo regions.

The successful experience of calves weaning by cold method infused spirit into local farmers - each year the quantity of orders for the rapidly erected livestock hangars increases by several times. High demand for the framed tent hangars is explained by the fact that Altai-Tent Production and Construction Company designs and builds them according to individual requirements, focusing on the desires and purpose of the customer:

  • any assignment
  • for any budget
  • for all livestock
  • for any volume and types of feed
  • for small farms and large-scale farms

Mobile relocatable tent hangars increased by several times the profitability of the livestock business!

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