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Agricultural Hangars. Farm Building

Agricultural Hangars. Farm Building


The archy rapidly erected framed and tent hangars "The farmer" are consider the most popular in the agriculture, and are successfully used as warehouses, grain storage, hangars for pigs, the pig breeding and the domes for pig fattening, pens for livestock, sheep houses for sheep, rams, goats, large poultry farms, piggeries up to new technologies, feed yard for livestock, calf-sheds, framed and tent cowsheds, hangars for agricultural machinery storage, hangars for storage of hay, vegetables, potatoes, beets.

Livestock farm and complexes construction.

Pig breeding as a business.

Tent livestock hangars, piggeries, feed yard from Altai-Tent Company.

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Sheep house

The construction of rapidly erected piggeries for fattening and weaning pigs by cold keeping method and using an unchangeable litter are profitably and economically feasible, due to some important advantages: acceptable price, light economy (light transmission of coating permits not to use the candle light during daytime), good immune system of pigs, manure removal 3-4 times a year, according to traditional technology manual removal every day. So, general costs of the pig keeping and growing reduce by 20-30 per cent in compare with the traditional pig keeping! Minimal investments, quick erection and short payback period of "The farmer" attract farmers, beginners and experienced pig farmers, cattle breeders, flockmasters, poultry farmers ...

Altai-Tent Company can help you to build the livestock farm. The rapidly erected and tent cowshed – an acceptable price, quick erection, short payback period! Fast and quality design, production and installation.

The rapidly erected tent cowshed of 50-100 animal units.

For large placements, for example the cowsheds and grain storage, STK structure is used. This construction permits to build the rapidly erected and arched hangar without interior supports up to width of 40 meters and the limitation of construction length. We realize building of the cowsheds and grain storages in as short a time as possible.

Rapidly erected tent cowsheds of 50,100 and 200 animal units. Design, building and installation of the rapidly erected cowshed. Ready-made decisions! Acceptably, rapidly and quality!

Altai-Tent – hangars for agriculture. Framed and tent cowsheds, calf-sheds, piggeries. Building of rapidly erected cowsheds, piggeries and grain storage!

Altai-Tent is a sale of rapidly erected and tent hangars for grain storage from the manufacturer!

Altai-Tent is a sale of rapidly erected hangars for any purpose!

All of hangars structures are mobile and dismountable. Delivery at any Russian region and erection supervision.

Altai-Tent – we are trusted by our customers!


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