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Exhibition Branded Pavilions, Tents, Awnings

Pavilions, tents with advertising
Exhibition Branded Pavilions, Tents, Awnings

Pavilions, tents with advertising

Quality and rapidly built-up branded pavilions, tents, tents with an advertising and logo.


Production of branded pavilions.


You can buy a mobile exhibition pavilion, a tent, a tent c advertising of all sizes.

Based on customer feedback, our company will produce an individual branded and mobile exhibition pavilion with logo of your company, as well as any text and images of products or services. The branded exhibition pavilion or tent let you always to show up, be recognized and constantly attract the attention to your potential customers.

The rapidly built-up and mobile exhibition pavilion is a built-up frame and durable armor-clad and tent PVC coating of roof and walls. The frame looks like relocatable metal structure of non-circular pipe. For preventing corrosion and rust, the frame elements are protected by anticorrosion coating. All node points and connections of the frame are developed and designed for the quickly installation and uninstallation. Using PVC fabric of leading world manufacturers, tent coating is produced by the professional equipment of LEISTER Company (Switzerland).

For convenience in-use, can be used not only raising curtains but also budging curtains (clear or not clear). The entry elements can be made up of tent, stationary plastic or aluminum doors.

The main advantages of the rapidly erected and tent exhibition pavilions are mobility, multi-functionality and transportability.

Our company will help you to create an individual, bright and inimitable style!

Delivery and rigging up in any region.

Altai-Tent – sale of the built-up quality and rapidly erected structures!

Mobile exhibitions structures, pavilions and tents.

Altai-Tent – quality and mobile exhibitions pavilions and structures, branded tents for exhibitions of any size and for any purpose!

Cost of 3200 rubles/1m2 and more (due to the floor).


Exhibition Branded Pavilions, Tents, Awnings

Exhibition Branded Pavilions, Tents, Awnings

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rapidly erected tent constructions

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