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Domes, Framed and Tent Dome Structure

framed and tent domes
Domes, Framed and Tent Dome Structure

Framed and tent domes

Production, sale and delivery of rapidly built-up framed and tent dome structures, buildings and pavilions.



The geodesic dome is a durable spherical type construction consisting of rigidly bound to each other of triangular elements. The specialness of dome construction is a form created by nature itself. The special appearance and natural geometry of perfection give priority to the dome construction an excellent aesthetics. The feeling of free space and unequalled acoustics make the dome irreplaceable for any events and celebrations.

The main advantages of dome structures are the most durable of all constructions, stand hurricane wind force, cope with heavy snow loads, are safe in earthquakes, mobility and transportability due to the lack of large parts, a variety of versions of day lighting, universality in use: living houses, summer houses, leisure bases, sidewalk café, exhibition pavilions, trade pavilions, warehouses, shelter for swimming pools, sports facilities, winter gardens, greenhouses, shelters for skiers…

The cost of dome structures of standard configuration (frame of a lightweight furniture tube + tent coating) is calculated according to the cost of 1m2.

1m2 – 3500 rubles

Calculation example of the framed and tent dome of 8 meters in diameter (d8м): Area of circle S=пr2; Calculate area: S=3,14*(4*4) = 3,14*16=50,24м2

Total sum: cost of the framed and tent dome of 8 meters in diameter is 50,24m2 * 3500 rubles = 175840 rubles

Tents, sidewalk cafe, tent and dome structures from Altai-Tent Company

On the basis of domes, we design, build and install living dome panel houses, framed cottages, leisure bases, summer houses, houses, country houses by unique technology. Prices are acceptable!

Domes, Framed and Tent Dome Structure

Domes, Framed and Tent Dome Structure

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