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Built-up and Framed Swimming Pools: Country and Street. Water Isolation of Swimming Pools

Built-up and Framed Swimming Pools
Built-up swimming pool framed and villatic

Built-up and Framed Swimming Pools

Production and sale of built-up and framed street swimming pools for cottages and houses.

Any size!


Quickly! Acceptably! Reliably!

Altai-Tent produces built-up and framed country quadrangular and four-square swimming pools of any size, indoor pavilions, canopies and awning for the pool, water isolation, PVC membranes. Also you can buy a framed swimming pool for a country house; a price depends on the size of swimming pool. Dismountable framed swimming pools houses are the simple construction and easy installation, that's why they are often used for summer houses, cottages, country houses. The built-up and framed swimming pool consists of separate steel elements (metal frame), and an extra strong tent PVC membrane. All elements of the metal frame are protected from corrosion and rust by an anticorrosion coating. PVC membrane is made from durable fabric, the basis of which is a reinforced grid, coated by PVC coating on both sides. The seams are welded on the professional equipment of LEISTER company by thermal welding (700 ° C), which guarantees reliability of the welded seam. Easily-to-install framed swimming pools provide for an active rest to you and yours in any period of time, as their installation is possible no also in the open air but also indoors.

Framed and tent pavilion for swimming pool (Width up to 40 m, length is unlimited)

Built-up and Framed Swimming Pools

Roll tent materials allows you to make water isolation of variety of facilities:

  • water isolation of swimming pools,
  • water isolation of ponds,
  • water isolation of reservoirs,
  • water isolation of stanks,
  • water isolation of water storages, dammed lakes,
  • water isolation of foundations, underground structures,
  • water isolation of tunnels and bridges,
  • water isolation of oil storages, oil pipe-lines (for preventing to transfer oil products into soil),
  • water isolation of bulk materials.
  • water isolation of dumping sites, storages and disposal of toxic waste.

It is possible to produce a water-proof tent storage reservoir of PVC fabric of any size and for any purpose. The advantage of PVC membranes is a maintainability with a guarantee of water -proof!!! (In case of a puncture, cut, damage).

Built-up and framed swimming pools for all of life's emergencies: for summer house, cottage, country houses ... Prices are acceptable!

Delivery at any city and region Write us and we will reply, call us and we will advise you!

Altai-Tent - quality and reliability!


Built-up and Framed Swimming Pools: Country and Street. Water Isolation of Swimming Pools

Built-up and Framed Swimming Pools: Country and Street. Water Isolation of Swimming Pools

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