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Tents for Cars, Trucks and Trailers

Tent for car and gazelle
Tents for Cars, Trucks and Trailers

Tent for car and gazelle

Production of high-quality tents for trucks, trailers and cars.

Quality and reliable!

Altai-Tent Company produces tents for trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, canopies, car coverlets, car trailer tents for snowmobiles. Here you can buy a quality tent for gazelle, as well as a canopy for car.

For trucks: metal frames and rear gates. The frame is made from a shaped tube, a normal cross section of which is calculated according to your car. The tent is made from a frost-resistant (-40 ° C) PVC fabric of the world's leading manufacturers. A color of the tent fabric to choose from. The PVC fabric is a particularly durable material, a basis of which is fabric-reinforced with a 2-sided polyvinyl chloride coating (PVC). Tent track beds are welded to each other by hot air (welding temperature + 700 ° C) on LEISTER professional equipment (Switzerland), which guarantees high strength and absolute tightness of a welded seam. For production of automobile gates, special galvanized imported fittings (flap hinges, locks, bushings, bolts) are used. It is possible to produce insulated frames, gates and thermo- shanties. We carry out a quality repair of tents.

To increase work life of the car tent, we take into account following factors:

  • Correct frame making
  • Availability of necessary augmenters
  • Method and workmanship
  • PVC fabric Quality
  • Quality of tent accessories
  • Availability of internal tent augmenters
  • High light-proofness to ultraviolet
  • Technology compliance of production
  • Employees qualification
  • Constant quality control

Keeping all these factors, and installing only a professional galvanized auto fitting, you get a high quality product.

Quality tent for gazelle. Delivery at any region!

We are glad to cooperate with you! Call us!

Altai-Tent, Barnaul city

Tents for Cars, Trucks and Trailers

Tents for Cars, Trucks and Trailers

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