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Rapidly Erected and Framed Tent Hangars from the Manufacture!

Rapidly erected hangars
Rapidly erected hangars

The rapidly erected and tent hangars!

Installation of the framed and tent buildings, hangars, warehouses and structures Sale of the ready-made complex hangars.


Delivery!  Ridding up in any region!

for hockey
for football
for tennis
universal ground
for events
for air transport
for trains and wagons
packinghouse, packing
for warehouses

Sheep house
Grain storage
for machinery


  • Guaranteed quality products without markups directly from a reliable producer!
  • The whole manufacturing cycle without participation of third-party firms!
  • Advanced equipment and constant quality control!
  • Using of original and quality bulk materials!
  • Our product liability!
  • Minimum production time!
  • 3 years warranty!
  • Further consulting assistance while in operation!

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Do you want to buy and build hangars or warehouses quickly?

Instead of traditional materials consumptions structure, we offer modern and reliable rapidly erected hangars of light weight steel construction with PVC coating.

We offer the ready-made erected hangars and warehouses. There are distinct advantages, such as low price, quick building and short payback period. You can buy the rapidly erected hangars and warehouses for any purpose. We can realize the construction of built-up and tent hangars and warehouses of all size, which you want, the production of hangars and warehouses, construction of warehouses and accommodation spaces, turn-key construction. We install the ready-made complex hangars and warehouse, so in comparison with the traditional construction the speed of the construction is much faster, price is much reasonable, and materials consumption of metal structure.

We offer the rapidly erected and framed archy hangars, warehouses and buildings. 

Sale, production, building of hangars and warehouses. Reasonable prices! The tent hangars from the leading producer.

The framed and tent buildings, structures, constructions, hangars, warehouses and shelters. Quick construction activities!


The rapidly erected and tent hangar – is quick erect steel frame of light weight steel constructions and durable PVC roof coating (polyvinylchloride). Versions of the side and end walls are stainless steel sheet, sandwich panel or PVC. Depending on the weather conditions of the region and the requirements and object’s purpose, the rapidly erected hangars and warehouses are divided into archy hangars and wall-sided, stationary and temporary, cold and cold-proofed. The rapidly erected and archy hangars are installed on the basis of archy metal constructions. When choosing a hangar or warehouse, it is very important to determine the type of hangar’s steel construction. The comprehensive approach to the production and decades of experience make it possible to chose that hangars and type of steel construction, which will satisfy all of requirements. We offer complex decision for quick and reliability covering (design, manufacture, installation) for any places and any purpose. We will select and design that you really need, we will install in any place where you want.

Saving time and cost, you will receive ready-made hangars or warehouses with minimum expense as soon as possible, at that, having some advantages.

If you are interested in building of big and modern hangar, please contact us.
Altai-Tent is a building of the rapidly erected hangars, warehouses and accommodation spaces at acceptable prices and for any purpose!

Using of the rapidly erected hangars, warehouses:

  • Hangars for constant and temporary goods storage
  • Hangars and warehouses for equipments, special vehicles storage and maintenance
  • Packinghouse, packing, garages, shelters for storage, repair and maintenance of vehicles
  • Rapidly erected cowsheds, cattle farm
  • Rapidly erected piggeries for fattening and weaning
  • Rapidly erected grain storage, hangars for grain, vegetable storehouse
  • Indoor hockey boxes, indoor ice rink, indoor football fields, tennis courts, indoor hall-ridings
  • Exhibition pavilions, trade and events pavilions
  • Hangars for production
  • Sawmilling shop, hangars, warehouses, places for sawmill, lumber, wood storage
  • Rapidly erected structures for football field, hangars for football
  • Hangars for airplanes and helicopters
  • Hangars for wholesale trade
  • Indoor markets (flea and food market, )
  • Hangars for laminated particle board, pieces of furniture, furniture boards
  • Hangars for car service
  • Auxiliary structures
  • Building materials storage
  • Warehouses for free running and any other goods in ports and terminals
  • Shelter for shooting practice
  • Horse show structure
  • Hangars for yacht repair
  • Hangars for airships

The advantages of tent building give an infrequent opportunity to buy the rapidly erected hangars and warehouses at acceptable prices and for any purpose! In comparison with traditional construction, the price is significantly below. Altai –Tent is a sale of the rapidly erected hangars for any purpose! The hangars and warehouses will be built as soon as possible.

Delivery at any place. Chief installation!

Altai-Tent, Barnaul City


Rapidly Erected and Framed Tent Hangars from the Manufacture!

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Rapidly Erected and Framed Tent Hangars from the Manufacture!

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