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Advantages of the tent construction

Advantages of the tent construction

We use original and quality SIOEN PVC coating from Belgium

The tent PVC hangars, video

At this moment due to advantages the rapidly erected hangars of light-weight steel construction with PVC coating are the most acceptable, economically feasible and advanced offer in construction market!

High functionality

There is no another type construction with architectural possibility such as constructions of soft PVC coating. For functionality and using purpose, the PVC hangars are really unique, and year by year their common usage becomes even more tangible. Use of the tent constructions and rapidly erected warehouses is unlimited: warehouses of different purpose, hangars for production, hangars for storage and maintenance of technics, agricultural hangars, grain storage, cattle hangars (cowsheds, piggeries), sports facilities (indoor hockey rinks, hangars for football, tennis courts), indoor stadiums, indoor markets, trade and exhibition pavilions, hangars for airplanes, etc.

High durability and reliability

The facilities are designed and manufactured in accordance with all building regulations, taking into account the difficult climatic conditions of Siberian region. These constructions stand high snow and wind forces. The main structural component of metal structure of the arched hangars is unique double-hinged arched girders, being set in steps of 3 or 5 meters (depending on the construction size). The term "farm" (from the Latin "firmus" - strong, durable). A farm is an ideal trussed system. The arched girder is a special type of construction with a large bearing capability with low materials consumption. Not for nothing is the hangar arched girder of the steel profile chosen, as it has lightness and strength. Arched type metal structures are ideal for light-weight and rapidly erected tent structures. Stability of the frame is provided by the rigidity of the arches, the liners system and bracing beam of bottom chord, and also by the stabilizing action of the durable PVC tent coating being stretched between the top chord. All structural components are calculated and thought over by qualified designers.

High working life

In connection with the use of innovative technologies in the hangars production, PVC coating service life constantly increases. Covering of the tent structures is a multiarrayed, extra-heavy, light transmission material, coated on both sides by a plasticized PVC and a layer of special dirt-repellant lacquer with increased wear resistance and developed by leading European manufacturers. The material is fireproof (does not support burning), resistant to ultraviolet, influence of gasoline and oils. The material qualifies the environmental requirements of the international standard. The production of hangar coatings is made on the professional equipment of LEISTER (Switzerland). The unique fastening technology allows to realize fast and reliable installation of the coating to the frame. Tent PVC coating is resistant to forces and temperature extremes (-50 + 70C). Working life is more than 20 years!

High reparability

PVC coating is really reparability. In the case of need elements of construction are changed.

High mobility

The possibility of dismantling and new installation. An Exact bolt joint of node point and a possibility of disassembly make it possible to dismantle and install the structure in a different location in as short a time as possible. Modular design allows to increase the hangar size at any time. Possibility of installation in remote hard-to-get at places at the most difficult conditions.

Low price

Low price of rapidly erected hangars, warehouses and any tent construction in compare with traditional building is down to low materials consumption of metal construction. Modern design and covering features, using in production of rapidly erected constructions, give possibility to manufacture reliable and durable construction of less materials, and allow to achieve a unique combination: a low materials consumption at large size of a placement. Accordingly, the erection cost reduces and the price becomes lower than the traditional one.

Time saving, short term of construction

All technical decisions are thought over in advance. Rapid design approval. Rapid installation. The maximum degree of factory readiness and complete package of the facility allows you to purchase a ready-made building, which is mounted in as short a time as possible. Construction time of a tent structure of 1800m2 with total dimensions of 30X60X12.6 (m) is only 3-4 months!

Ground work saving

The low material consumption and light weight of metal structures make it possible to avoid substantial and massive ground works and reduce costs.

Light saving

Using of modern light transmission materials to make the tent construction are really unique, as not need supplementary lighting during all day. Annual lighting savings of the warehouse of size 1600m2 is up to 150000 rubles!



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