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Rapidly Erected and Tent Warehouses. Warehouses Construction

Rapidly built-up warehouses from the manufacturer
Rapidly Erected Tent Warehouses. The Warehouse Building

Rapidly built-up warehouses from the manufacturer!

Rapidly erected framed and tent energy-saving warehouses with light transmission roof coating.



Sale and building of rapidly erected warehouses and hangars, turn-key warehouses construction.

Built-up warehouses from the manufacturer. Tent warehouses. The price of the rapidly erected warehouses and the warehouses building.

We offer the modern energy-saving and rapidly erected warehouses of light-weight metal construction with PVC coating for any purpose!

The advantages of the rapidly erected tent warehouses: acceptable price, quick erection, short payback period, light economy (light transmission of coating permits not to use the candle light during daytime), high mobility – the possibility of uninstallation and new ridding up. Because of the materials consumption of the metal construction, the price of the rapidly erected warehouse building is low. We build warehouses and hangars in as short a time as possible, as we don’t build, but we install the ready-made structures. The building of the warehouses and hangars with PVC coating is profitable and economically feasible, so due to advantages the warehouse with PVC coating are multifunctional and can be used for any purpose. Altai-Tent – the building of the warehouses for production, the sale of the hangars and warehouses for any purpose. The acceptable prices! Our rapidly erected hangar is used successfully as a constructional materials storage. Delivery and ridding up in any Russian region. Please contact the modern rapidly erected hangars leading manufacturer. We appreciate the quality and reliability. We are trusted by our costumers!


The rapidly erected tent warehouse. The price of rapidly erected warehouse. The rapidly erected indoor warehouse.

Altai-Tent is the modern rapidly erected warehouses, the building of warehouses, the built-up warehouses.

Rapidly Erected and Tent Warehouses. Warehouses Construction

Rapidly Erected and Tent Warehouses. Warehouses Construction

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