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A Building of Indoor Hockey Courts, Ice Stadium, Ice Rink

The indoor hockey court
The indoor hockey court

The indoor hockey court

Rapidly erected and framed tent indoor hockey courts, ice stadiums, grounds, shelters for rink.

The indoor hockey court at acceptable price!


Delivery!  Ridding up in any region!

Two versions of buildings:

1. The non-cold-proof indoor hockey arena
The tent covering is a kind of barrier, protecting placement from insolation. Because of this, hockey season doesn’t finish in winter, so useful time can increase 2 months! In summertime the tent court can be used for such kinds of sports as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, field hockey.

2. The cold-proof indoor hockey arena
Installation of synthetic ice and year-around usage of rink!

The construction of indoor hockey arenas, ice rinks, arenas, sports complexes, gyms of rapidly erected framed and tent structures with is the main direction of our activity. Our first object was an indoor ice hockey rink named after Alexey Cherepanov in Barnaul. Having successfully realized this object, we have erected a large number of rapidly erected framed and tent indoor sports facilities, gyms for municipalities, schools and Olympic Reserve schools in Krasnoyarsk Region, Irkutsk Region, Moscow and Moscow Region, Novosibirsk and Novosibirsk Region, Altai Territory, Yakutia and throughout Russia.

Tent structures have variety of advantages and features:

The main advantage is a availability and low costs!
The tent construction is cheaper than stationary buildings constructed by traditional way. The tent hockey court is in a position to build not only a large city but also a small town. Savings at all stages of building and exploitation!

Rapid construction, it is very important under today's pace of life. Framed and tent construction with low materials consumption and low weight, respectively, does not need a foundation, and is qualified as temporary. There is no complicated reconciliation procedure, accompanying the traditional construction. We install ready-made and fully completed structure, so speed of construction is really higher. We install a ready-made and fully complete the construction, therefore, the construction disproportionately higher speed! Rapid coordination of the project, quick installation, the maximum degree of prefabrication can significantly reduce the term of the facility.

For example, the time production and installation of indoor hockey court of 30x60 size is 2 months! Such construction time permits to go in sports the current generation actively in the comfort conditions.

The tent construction is a passively heated building.&nbspAdvanced materials, permitting light through, save electricity, so don’t need candle light. The placement is spacious and unusually bright! To provide the same bright light of traditional building as the tent construction, it would be necessary electric lamps of several thousand watts!

Durability and reliability. The tent structure securely is protected from all atmospherical condensation, bears with fortitude snow and wind and temperature extremes from -50 to +70 C. Compared to metal roof, tent coating is stabile under the moisture. The aesthetic appearance keeps over the whole period of exploitation. The tent construction is durable, reliable and long-term. This is confirmed not only by our constructions, which are successfully used for a long time, but also other structures, which have lifetime over 25 years all around the world! These facts point to the relevance and the urgent demand in rapidly erected tent sports facilities, and their widespread usage becomes more and more sensible year by year.

Free guarantee repairs come up to 3 years! Each object is issued the passport, by which guarantee and post-guarantee are in progress.

Please contact us. We have a profitable commercial quotation of the rapidly erected indoor gym, indoor hockey arena building. We have the ready-made project of the indoor hockey arena and ice rink. We can build a framed and tent hockey rink quickly and quite. The tent dome for hockey rink and ground. The indoor hockey court from the manufacturer, the court for short-track.

Altai-Tent – the construction of the indoor sports facilities for any purpose! Sale of the rapidly erected indoor sports facilities!

The main advantages of the rapidly erected sports facilities with PVC coating:

  • acceptable price
  • aesthetic appearance
  • rapid construction
  • short payback period
  • light saving(PVC coating light transmission, not need candle light during the day!)

Sports facilities from the leading manufacturer! Quickly and cheaply! The rapidly erected indoor sports facilities, the complexes, the indoor hockey courts, the ice rink.


We offer the construction of indoor hockey courts, ice stadiums, rinks, arenas by a framed and tent method. The framed and tent method is the most profitable, fastest and economically sound!

Tent hangars, rapidly erected shelters, frames for indoor ice rinks, sheds yard hockey boxes, courts

If you made a decision to build the framed and tent indoor hockey court or ice rink, please contact us.

Altai-Tent is a reliable shelter for hockey!

The rapidly erected sports facility from the leading producer!

A Building of Indoor Hockey Courts, Ice Stadium, Ice Rink

A Building of Indoor Hockey Courts, Ice Stadium, Ice Rink

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